So, how can we help?

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    Contact Us
    Let us know what happened, we are there when you need us.
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    Someone from our team will review the damage and give you peace of mind.
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    Protecting Against Additional Damage
    Your property needs protecting from further damage and we need to make sure additional losses don’t occur. We will help ensure that no further damage is caused.
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    Establish Your Recovery Plan
    Insurance claims take time, depending on the damage your home may not be habitable. We will help secure temporary accommodation cover for you and your family.
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    Evaluation of Coverage
    By studying your policy we’ll make sure we understand its terms and conditions, limitations and valuation methods.
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    Survey and Valuation of Damages
    We will build your case, using third party specialists if necessary, to ensure we get the maximum recovery.
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    Negotiation and Settlement
    Your insurance company and their agents will work to “adjust” your claim. We will fight on your behalf to make sure you get what is fair.
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    Reinstatement and Restoration
    Its best practice not to move on with repairs, until a settlement has been agreed with your insurance company. With our help your claim will progress quicker.